At a historic site in Maastricht’s Jekerwartier lies a beautiful monumental building: Au Coin Des Bons Enfants. A fine dining restaurant that stands for a warm atmosphere, top quality products and refined flavours. A classic basis, with a touch of Mediterranean, gives each dish a creative twist. Welcome to Au Coin!

Chef speaks: “The soul of the gourmet is touched only by the one who has understood the simplicity of nature as art!” (Berthold Bühler)

An extraordinary setting

The Au Coin premises are steeped in history. There is life in it. From the old church floor to the monumental constellations. From the large wine cellar to the open dining room. An ideal mix of classic and modern, both in the restaurant and on the menu.

On a summer’s day, guests enjoy the sunny patio under the grapevine; in winter, they listen to the crackling fireplace. Charm, atmosphere, luxury: Au Coin has it all.

Fresh, pure,
creative, fresh
and responsible

These are our criteria. Classic dishes with a modern touch, combined with excellent wines from the old world. We create a special dynamic: the strength of Au Coin.

Pure taste sensations, surprising combinations. We understand the simplicity of nature. That is why we only work with fresh and responsible ingredients. Quality products. Delicious foie gras from France, the best ham from Spain and the finest tomatoes from Sicily. Come along and enjoy this culinary treat.

Surprising wines
from the old world

Sommelier Lino de Vrede, like Cuisinier Timo Reichelt, prefers classic, but then in wine. Au Coin exclusively serves wines from the old world and gives wine lovers the opportunity to taste older vintages.

Lino’s personal favourite: Pinot Noir
“It is a difficult grape to grow. It has a thin skin, is temperamental and ripens early. Pinot noir needs constant care and attention and can in fact only grow in specific small, hidden corners of the world. Pinot noir can be brought to its fullest expression. Its aromas are the most haunting, brilliant, subtle, exciting and oldest in the world.”